Alt Models Who Are Breaking Down All The Festival Stereotypes

Over the years, models have been called into question for their appearance and their impact on the world. Are they too thin? Are they diverse enough? Are they inspiring the right messages? Although these questions were being asked on the runway, they were also making their way away from the catwalks and into the desert. Yes, with flower crowns, fringed clothing, and Victoria’s Secret models everywhere, it seemed as though festivals had become a second catwalk for these “perfect” women. Well, alt models are now breaking down these stereotypes…

Alt Models Who Are Breaking Down All The Festival Stereotypes

A Casual Approach

Although this year’s Coachella once again saw the likes of Gigi Hadid, Elsa Hosk, and Alessandra Ambrosia fill up their Instagram feeds with impressive pictures of them in tiny bikinis and designer garments, that wasn’t all 2019 had to offer. In fact, alt models and performers paved the way for a more casual approach. After all, dancing and singing in the desert doesn’t always call for tight dresses and combat boots. This year, models were eager to showcase just how real festival life is, and they donned practical attire that still looked chic and stylish.

Paving The Way

Some of the models paving the way for a new festival look were Salem Mitchell, Slick Woods, and Barbie Ferreira. Woods, in particular, stole the show with her casual look in the desert, especially after her previous antics. The impressive model shocked the world when she went into labor during a Savage x Fenty runway show, and she has not been afraid to speak out about industry standards over the years. It seems as though she decided to take Coachella as her stage this year, and rocked out in a pair of UGG sandals, a sports bra, and matching cargo pants. She topped the whole thing off with epic jewelry and some shades.

Alt Models Who Are Breaking Down All The Festival Stereotypes

Getting Rid Of The Cliches

This is the first year that fashion has really started to change within the festival world. Flower crowns and floaty bohemian dresses are no longer the style of the festival, and this has left a gap which these alt models are filling. It’s great to see, as it also leaves a gap to be filled with models of all shapes and sizes.

Festival season is upon us, but will you be following in these models’ footsteps?