Belly Button Rings Are Making a Huge Comeback, but Not Without the Doubt of Millennials

The once hysteric trend of belly button ring piercing is back with a bang! Pictures and articles about this fashion comeback have been periodically popped up on social media platforms during the last few years. But nothing is compared to its newly reemerged popularity, thanks to TikTok, the finest trend-setter of this decade.

The TikTok Trend

Young Gen Z have recently begun posting stills and videos of their new belly button rings on TikTok. While they are actually too young to experience any type of sensitive body piercing, let alone the belly button, their true Y2K glory completed with belly bling has instantly created ripples of awe among the netizens.

The Mainstream Mania

Both Billie Eilish and Hailey Bieber debuted their belly button rings on Instagram in 2019. After that, this recent TikTok trend has truly made the belly buttons hit like hotcake in the mainstream! According to the reports of online retailer Etsy, searches for belly buttons had increased overall 20 percent in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. This makes this particular jewelry one of the most expected increasing popular trends.

Doubt of the Millennials

One of the main catalysts of this reemerging trend is the Hot Vax Summer underway of the Northern Hemisphere, with its ongoing midriff revealing cut-out trend. But while this fashion comeback has evoked nostalgia for millennials, some are also left doubtful that if the trend, like TikTok itself, is really meant for them. One recent celebrity post on Instragam is likely to end all the hesitations of these newly 30s. Though on the verge, 25 years old millennial singer Dua Lipa has recently posted her cute bikini-clad photos paired with an oversized printed shirt, and yes, a belly button ring! Being significantly older than Bieber, Eilish and the Gen Z kids, Dua Lipa’s casually glamorous flaunting of belly bling has surely made the millennials confident to get their belly buttons back in life once again.