Dad Secretly Loves Gifts, And These Are The Best For Any Occasion

We love our dads so much, but as the simple creatures that they are, buying gifts for them can be quite a challenge. Something practical, stylish, and dad-friendly? Does such a thing even exist? The answer is yes! Fathers might not ask for much loving reassurance, but getting them a thoughtful gift that will fit into their everyday lives and remind them of you is a great way to give it.

A modern backpack

“Why would I get a new backpack when my old one works just fine,” they all ask? Because they don’t know how much better they can be these days. Blow his mind with a waterproof, portable-charging, perfectly sectioned backpack he didn’t know he needed.

Personalized golf balls

Most dads love golf, but haven’t changed their equipment since the 80’s. No better reason than personalized golf balls!

A travel-size shaving kit

Useful comfort on-the-go.

Men’s Organizing Travel 4-Pack

Because he “doesn’t need it” and would never buy it for himself, but it’ll rock his world.

Couch Arm Table

Add this to the couch so that he has everything he needs in his favorite comfy spot.

A wireless charger

It seems unnecessary…until it’s not. And when the moment comes, he’ll finally be able to admit someone else knew better!

A stylish pack of cards

Old school, but with a young feel – trust a dad to bring the card game back if he does it in style.

A waterproof kindle

To better enjoy free time with just one hand and without worrying about spilling coffee, this kindle will bring the lazy day magic!

A portable grill and/or cool grill tools

So he can take those chef skills he’s always bragging about wherever they might be useful.

A fresh and comfortable pair of new shoes

Whether they’re moldable sandals that he’ll live in all summer, or some soft household moccasins for his morning coffee and paper, these are as useful as it gets.

A lightweight, portable speaker

Dads are tired of being forced to listen to everyone else’s music everywhere, all the time – so now it’s their turn to play DJ with music they actually like.

An upgraded record player

Maximize the lifespan and sound quality of all those old records that he can’t give up.

A nice-looking water bottle

Help him stay hydrated with a new water bottle that will make portable water colder than he ever knew was possible.

An espresso maker

Does your dad love coffee? Has he been using the same machine for far too long? Here you go.

A sweet Dad coffee mug

Whether it’s a reminder of his hometown or that he’s the “best dad ever,” this will make his morning – every morning.

A classy spirit decanter

His favorite drink will look a whole lot better being poured out of one of those.

A reversible belt

Not only is it probably time for a belt upgrade for dad, but this kind gives him brown or black to choose from – goes with everything!

Touch-screen capable gloves

Those old gloves of his may be classy, but today they’ve gone above and beyond – so when it’s freezing and he needs to answer the phone, he doesn’t have to lose a hand to frostbite in the process.

A Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kits

Did you know these are even a thing? Kick his love of spice up a notch with a hands-on project that has the tastiest rewards.