Why Black Eyeliner Is Probably Making You Look Older

We live in a world where almost everyone wants to turn back the clock and embrace their youth. After all, who wouldn’t want to go back to a life without rent, responsibilities, or wrinkles? Because we don’t have the fountain of youth at our disposal, it’s down to each individual person to work with their own appearance. Either they choose to age gracefully and let their body do their thing, or they change their style and their makeup to suit their age.

Why Black Eyeliner Is Probably Making You Look Older

It Draws Attention to Wrinkles

When you were younger, you probably wanted to draw attention to your luscious eyelashes and your beautiful eyes. Black eyeliner was the best way to do this, as it allowed you to show off these assets while also showing your makeup prowess. However, drawing attention to your eyes as you age may not work in your favor. That’s because they draw attention to lines and wrinkles that you might not want to show off.

It Weighs Down Your Eyes

Black eyeliner can often be quite heavy, even if it doesn’t feel like it. It can make your eyes look smaller, it can make them looked weighed down, and it can even make them look more tired. This adds a few years onto your age, as you probably want to maintain a youthful appearance when it comes to your eyes. So, avoiding black eyeliner could be the best option for you.

Why Black Eyeliner Is Probably Making You Look Older

A Few Other Options

If you’re used to wearing eyeliner, removing it from your makeup routine can be a little daunting. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can still wear eyeliner, just opt for something more youthful and uplifting. In fact, lighter colors and shades of brown definitely work better.

Ready to ditch the black eyeliner for good? It’s time!