Why A Black Leather Blazer Will Be Your Fall Favorite

Let’s be honest; Fall is a difficult season. You wrap up in the cold mornings in your favorite sweaters and cable-knit cardigans, but you’ve had to strip off into spaghetti straps by the time lunchtime comes around. Fall is all about knowing how to layer your outfits, and we have a feeling that a black leather blazer will be your best friend this Fall. Don’t believe us? Well, just give us a minute to explain…

It’s The Perfect Layer

In recent weeks, celebs across the globe have already started to embrace this black leather blazer. Irina Shayk, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kaia Gerber have all rocked this look, and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s the perfect layer for Fall, as it’s enough to add some warmth to your outfit, but it’s not as thick as a denim jacket or a coat. The sleeves can be down or you can roll them up, and it’s incredibly useful for the changing temperatures.

It Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

As if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, you’ll be happy to know that this black leather blazer can also be dressed up or down. If you’re heading out to run some errands, you can pair this blazer with some comfortable cycling shorts and a hoodie. You don’t have to ditch it for your night on the town, though. This jacket looks perfect with a stunning dress and some black leather boots. Of course, this whole look is also accessible to those who don’t want to wear leather, as you can just grab yourself a pleather option instead.

So, will you be embracing the leather blazer this Fall? It may be time to follow in the lead of the famous fashionistas of this world, and understand that this will be the statement piece this season. Yes, you know you want to join the black leather blazer club.