Celebs Wearing Their Partner’s On Clothing Is Our New Favourite Trend

Celebs are known for outrageous trends, some last for less than a season and some, well, some become timeless. Recently, we’ve seen celebs wearing their significant others on their shirts and jackets.

Celebs wearing other celebs isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, it may have started with Ryan Gosling stepping out with Macaulay Culkin printed on his shirt way back in 2014. We’ve seen Rihanna sporting Hilary Clinton’s portrait on her shirt, as well as Beyonce wearing the one and only Stevie Wonder, standing next to the one and only Stevie Wonder himself.

The new trend of wearing your heart on your sleeve (literally), seems to have started with Zoë Kravitz and her husband, Karl Glusman. At their wedding, they received matching bombers as a gift from a close friend. Accompanied by a “Just Married” banner painted at the bottom of each jacket, there was a portrait of each of them on the other’s gift.

The innocent wedding gift seems to have been the start of one of this summer’s biggest celeb trends. In August, Joe Jonas (our favorite Jonas), was spotted wearing a denim jacket with a portrait of Sansa Stark, his wife, Sophie Turner’s character on Game of Thrones. Turner returned the gesture by wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt not long after that, photographed along with her hubby’s brothers’ wives.

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner and her long-time boyfriend Travis Scott are obsessed with each other. Scott, who as we know is very fashion-forward, was also spotted wearing a hoodie with a printed photo of none other than Ms. Jenner.

Tattooing your loved one’s name on your body is so early ’90s. It seems as if this trend keeps growing, and we’re not going to lie, we are here for it. Would you ever wear your partner’s face on a shirt or jacket?