Cher Horowitz’s Virtual Wardrobe Is Finally a Reality With This App


The movie Clueless became very popular when it was released for the virtual wardrobe that Cher Horowitz used in the movie. She was able to choose an attire of choice with a mere click of a button on her ‘90s desktop computer. The mere idea of using a computer to choose clothes was a matter of awe back then. 25 years since the movie, this idea might finally be seeing the light of day.

The new digital Whering app

The new Whering app helps people upload their wardrobes digitally and will show them all options available so they can make a conscious choice while dressing up. This app is also said to be sustainable as it helps reuse clothes efficiently. 

Bianca Rangecroft, CEO and Founder of Whering mentioned that she wanted to change the way people interacted with clothes. Not knowing what is in the wardrobe pushes people to indulge in impulse buying. This app will prevent that from happening. 

Features of Whering

Just like the Clueless wardrobe, this app not only keeps note of what is in your wardrobe but also gives you smart combinations to choose from. It is also equipped to recommend eco-friendly pieces that go with your wardrobe from brands like Mother of Pearl and Ganni. You can also find second-hand and rental recommendation options, which is great. 

What’s better is that the app also shows the environmental impact of each piece of clothing you own. You can know how better to use an attire and how long to use it to bring down its environmental impact. The Whering app will tell you how many times each piece in your wardrobe was used. You can also rehome pieces that you don’t use by donating them. The app has plans of creating a marketplace to buy and sell clothes soon.