The Y2K’s Famous Store Claire’s Is Cool Again

Claire’s was once the epitome of fashion and the biggest trendsetter for the 2000s. High schoolers at dances, girls on the street, everybody was sporting a Claire accessory. The Y2K mall store had seen a decline in its popularity, but now it’s climbing the ladder again to become a fashion-forward option! With Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic character sporting Claire’s products in the Sex and the City revival show, and a partnership with celebrity stylists Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo, Claire’s is all set to make a comeback to the mainstream again!

The Comeback

Claire’s is all the rage once again. The brand has seen a flourish in its portrayal in the celebrity world with appearances in shows and as stylists’ choices. And Just Like That, a show that celebrates fashion, has many episodes featuring the brand’s colorful studs being worn by the actors. Carrie Bradshaw, one of  TV’s iconic fashionistas, dons the studs and hence has given the brand the 2022 seal of approval. Chloe and Chenelle, who have recently signed on to be the brands’ official partners, have styled celebrities like Willow Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, and Diplomat. They’ve also started shooting videos using the brand’s many colorful accessories.

The versatility of Claire’s

According to the styling duo, Claire’s is a brand that isn’t just for teenage girls. Instead, it has something for every age and every gender. You can choose anything from a butterfly clip to a mood ring. Chenelle and Chloe also credit the accessory store as one of the first places that brought fashion into their lives and made them such fans of the genre. One of the reasons for Claire’s comeback can also be the rise of trends from the ‘90s and ‘00s including Ed Hardy tees and micro-mini pleated skirts. Kristin Patrick, the Chief Marketing Officer of Claire’s, is excited to be working with the world-renowned stylists, stating that the duo and the brand share the values of empowering individuals to discover, explore, and confidently express themselves.