Cryotherapy Facials Are Becoming All The Rage In Skin Care

One of our biggest concerns when it comes to skincare is how to keep ourselves looking youthful, especially when our skin is constantly exposed to elements that are working on time’s side. Microdermabrasion and light therapy are just a couple of treatments that have already become well-known among non-celebrity clients, but there’s a new guy in town who is aiming to tone and tighten our skin, no matter how heavily age tries to weigh it down.

Cryotherapy, which uses liquid nitrogen to drop the surrounding air to subzero temperatures, is not new in the world of wellness treatment, though the actual benefits of full body doses are still not quite clear. That being said, targeted cryotherapy has recently been approved to help treat injuries that have damaged the nerves in the joints. But how does it affect our skin?

For starters, cryotherapy is not something that can be performed by your run of the mill esthetician. As of right now, you can only find cryotherapy at top-tier dermatologists, as it’s necessary to have the skill and knowledge that only a licensed physician bring to the treatment. Much like other facial techniques, you may even have a series of steps before the therapy, then you’ll get a blast of extremely cold air that whispers across your face for just a minute or two.

The treatment is finished off by a red LED light treatment, which will rewarm the face while also dealing with any lingering redness. The effects of the treatment will increase as the days pass, though almost immediately you’re likely to notice that fine lines have started to soften, while your cheeks and lips will plump up a bit. So is it worth it? Well, considering celebrities are already shelling out to keep up their youth, it seems pretty likely.