A Breakdown of Curly Bangs for Beginners

Long straight locks are great but if you’re ready for a change, getting curly bangs is the best way to do so. A ringlet-style curtain of bangs with shaggy layers is going to change your life forever. Here’s what you need to know about curly fringes.

Bangs Give a Transformative Look

There’s no argument that bangs are transformative by nature. The effects of a curly fringe haircut depend on the position and length you cut them. You can use your bangs to accentuate your desired facial features, like brows or cheekbones, as they can add definition and place better emphasis on certain features. They can also change the proportions of your face to make you look softer or stronger, as you wish.

Texture and Extra Volume Are a Given

Curly fringe always adds volume and texture to hair. The layers of extra bits are a sheer game-changer for any hair updo like pigtail braids, topknots, and many more. These extremely versatile fringes can upgrade any hairstyle without overpowering it at all. And so curly bangs are perfect to create any look, from bold and dramatic to soft and gentle.

Ready-Made Style Statement

Curly fringe is a unique style statement by itself. It enhances your overall look and changes your appearance dramatically, without extra effort like dyeing or bleaching your hair. The main trick is to find the right bangs for you among bang options like long, short, layered, rounded, and curved. You only need 10 minutes every morning to style your bangs and be set for the day!

High Maintenance Delivers High Rewards

Bangs demand high maintenance. Once you get your fringes, your hair-care routine is likely to be harder. Depending on how curly they are, your bangs are going to absorb more sweat and oil and will get greasy faster. So, you’ll have to shampoo and reset your hair more often. Also, you’ll need to commit to regular bang trims at least once every couple of weeks. But the end result will be worth all the effort!

Bangs Evolve But in the Best Way

Fringe haircuts evolve over time. The greatest advantage of fringe is that there’s always room to set bangs as per your comfort level of styling and take it from there when you’re ready. With bangs, tweaks or subtle changes are possible anytime. You can add shoulder-length shag and choppier fringes for extra oomph, or you can play with more layers or shorter baby bangs. Your fringes will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your curly hair.