The Cutest Summer Dress Trends for 2020

Summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s definitely time to sort out your summer wardrobe. Sure, you could just wear what you did last year, but where’s the fun in that? Summer 2020 is seeing some brand new trends that are hot off the virtual runways, and there’s no doubt about the fact that cute dresses are back with a bang. These aren’t just any summer dresses, though. These are summer dress trends like you have never seen before. It might be time to whip out your credit card…

The Double-Slit Maxi

Maxi dresses; been there, done that, right? Well, think again. While we all have at least one maxi dress in our closet, summer 2020 is all about the double-slit maxi. Instead of showing off your legs with one slit, these dresses feature two slits that make the whole thing even more flattery. Team one of these bad boys up with some high-heeled sandals, and you’re onto a serious winner.

The Denim Mini

Denim is totally in this year, and while many people choose to stay away from this thick material during the summer months, it seems as though this new trend will see denim make its mark during your long, hot, summer. That’s because denim mini dresses are super cute, and short hemlines and the lack of sleeves makes it perfect for drinks in the sun with your girlfriends.

The Slip Dress

No longer are slip dresses worn for sleeping or underneath other garments. It’s time for these slip dresses to shine – and we think they’re already doing a pretty good job. These dresses are perfect for the summertime as they are lightweight and breezy, and can come in so many different colors, patterns, and styles. All you need to do is choose your favorite.

As the summer months get closer, you might want to amp up your closet with these cute summer dress trends.