Get The Best Hair Ever With This Incredible New Haircare Line

Winter can be a killer for our hair, as the dry air sucks all of the moisture from our locks, making it frizzy, staticky, and often, just plain dry.

However, many hair care professionals are realizing that glamorous hair starts with our scalp, but keeping that fragile skin healthy is not as easy as we thought. With the cold weather officially upon us, it’s time to ditch the dry scalp with products specifically designed to keep flakes at bay.

As Helen Reavey, a stylist to the stars has explained, traditional shampoos can often be the culprit when it comes to scalp health. Much like regular soap, shampoos are formulated with detergents that work by stripping the hair, and therefore skin, of the natural oils that help hold in the moisture. Reavey’s new line, which she’s created with her husband, Colm Mackin, is designed to avoid that problem.

The product line was inspired by the growing reliance on plant botanicals in skincare lines. Though many brands can now be found that boast the healing properties of plant botanicals, cold-pressed oils in particular. The company focuses on formulating their products with cold-pressed oils because many of the properties that make them effective for the hair and skin get lost or break down when the oils are extracted using high heat methods.

For their first product line, they’ve released a three-part system. The Act+Acre system starts off with a pretreatment for the scalp. The “Scalp Detox” is comprised of moringa oil and vetiver. Though it might seem counterintuitive, using oils is actually one of the best methods for dissolving other sorts of build up.

As a second step, Reavey has formulated a sulfate-free Hair Cleanse, which will complete the cleansing process without harsh detergents. To finish it all off is a conditioner that’s made with a smoothing blend with amaranth oil.