People Admit They Feel More Guilty Buying Fast Fashion Now

Many of us love to keep up with the latest fashion trends – or even be the ones setting them for the rest of the world. However, it seems as though British shoppers have started to admit they feel more guilty buying fast fashion than ever before.

People Admit They Feel More Guilty Buying Fast Fashion Now

Feeling The Pressure

Many people across the world are now trying everything they can to be as eco-forward as possible. Sadly, the fashion industry has noticed a considerable change in the market as people no longer want clothes they can wear for a season before they discard them to one side. They want clothes that will stand the test of time and come back into fashion time and time again.

The Issue In Numbers

Believe it or not, but Patatam found that one in five women in Britain admit they feel guilty whenever they buy a new item of clothing. As if that wasn’t enough, the guilt is so much that 68% of those asked confessed they would happily purchase preloved or second-hand items compared to buying brand new off the rack.

People Admit They Feel More Guilty Buying Fast Fashion Now

Looking For Alternatives

Now, many people are looking for alternative ways to reduce their footprint with fashion alternatives. Many companies have started to rent out their clothes, while others are opting for garments that have been environmentally sourced and produced in low-wastage factories. It seems as though shoppers aren’t just putting their fashion foot forward, they’re putting their eco one out there, too.

Many people are thrilled to hear that shoppers are looking to recycle, sell, and hold onto their clothes more than ever as the world is standing up and taking action against the impact we are having on Earth. It looks as though the fashion industry will have to move faster than ever to make sure it keeps up with the modern consumer.