Jorts: The Hottest Fashion Trend of the Summer

Jorts are just shorts made out of denim fabric. The fashion trend originated in Western Kentucky, where the word ‘jorts’ comes from the term jean shorts and has been growing in popularity around the US ever since. While jorts have been around since the early ‘90s, they’ve taken off in popularity during the last few years, especially with women and young adults—many of whom choose to style them with heels and patterned tights or leggings underneath.

The Flavor of the Season

Once you go the jort way, you’ll never come back – at least for the season. They’ll sit in your brain and your wardrobe. Look at Google Trends – this summer has seen a massive uptick in searches for that term. Jorts are literally everywhere. People wear them for everyday wear. Even people living a thrifty lifestyle get in on the trend by cutting their jeans themselves to make jorts. Paloma Elsesser, Salem Mitchell, stylist Miyako Bellizzi, vintage-enthusiast Clara Perlmutter, designer Favour Mberu, and countless fashion editors are also big fans of the trend. Most wear the style because it’s breathable and comfortable.

Jorts at Major Fashion Events

The trend has also taken over runways for big names. At Gucci Resort 2023, the jorts were bedazzled and paired with a button-up, a black jacket, and black boots. Ann Demeulemeester, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and denim maestro Ksenia Schnaider all presented jorts for spring 2022. Louis Vuitton added tailored tops to complete their jorts looks, Givenchy went for tight mock necks, Fendi paired theirs with crisp button-up tops, and Natasha Zinko added pizzazz to the denim shorts with shimmering jackets.

The Art of Styling in Jorts

Airy-leg shorts may seem challenging to wear, but they’re pretty easy! They can be styled in various ways to suit any summer outfit. Pair them with a cute top and sandals for a casual look, or dress them up with a blazer and heels for a night out. You can even wear them with swimwear, as a cover-up. The look doesn’t have to be ridiculous. Jorts are about peace of mind. It’s about feelings. Lisa Lingenti, the owner of Paris’s Nuovo, a vintage shop in the Marais, prefers to wear them with corsets when going out for the night. This tight-and-loose top and loose-and-long shorts look is one that gives off a wild-west Slim Shady feeling. However you choose to style them, jorts are sure to keep you cool and comfortable, all summer long.