Nike’s New Maternity Line Is All About Embracing The Female Form

If you have ever been pregnant, you’ll know that it changes your life in so many ways. While there’s nothing better than knowing you’re growing a tiny human inside of you, it can be a struggle to find clothes that fit you in a way that is comfortable while also stylish. After all, many maternity clothes simply cover you up in shapeless garments – and that’s before we even get onto the topic of pregnancy workout gear that’s virtually non-existent. However, Nike is now changing the game with its new maternity line.

Working Behind-The-Scenes

While it may seem as though this new line – called Nike (M) – has come out of nowhere, it’s been noted by Nike’s senior design director of apparel innovation, Carmen Zolman, that this range has been in the works for three years. In fact, it first started off as an idea that was cooked up behind-the-scenes by Nike’s female staff members but has now come to fruition in a truly exciting way.

A Transformative Stage

Zolman has noted that this new line focuses on “one of the most transformative stages of a woman’s life: motherhood” and features a four-piece capsule collection that will suit a woman’s changing body and form through the entity of her pregnancy. After all, many women do not stop working out during this time, but they do struggle to find workout clothes that fit them. The collection was designed “to celebrate the form, not to hide it, disguise it, or ignore it,” and to make women feel as comfortable as possible while exercising. It features supportive leggings, a fleece cover-up, a tank top, and a sports bra that allows new moms to pump or nurse their babies.

The Nike (M) collection is a fresh new take on pregnancy workout clothing, and we have a feeling that it will go down extremely well with the expectant mothers of the world.