Why Opposite Dressing Is the One Fashion Rule You Won’t Want to Break

Have you ever heard of Opposite Dressing? No, this isn’t where you wear your underwear on your head or your hats as socks. Instead, this is the idea that you pair two items of clothing that wouldn’t normally go together – because they are not normally paired together within the same trend or style – and put them together. You go against the rules to play by the rules, right? Here are some examples of how you can get onboard with opposite dressing.

Don A Dress With Sneakers

When you think of wearing a dress, you normally think of pairing it with some cute sandals or maybe even some heels. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take this to a whole new level, though. Although many influencers have been wearing dresses with sneakers for a while now, you may have thought that you couldn’t pull it off yourself. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can.

Match A Suit With Boots

Suits are smart, suits are powerful, and suits need to be paired with the correct footwear. At least that’s what we used to think, anyway. Now we’re not too sure. That’s because we just can’t get over how good suits and boots look together. While the whole outfit is still powerful, it seems as though it’s even more powerful with this added extra.

Wear A Shirt With Comfy Pants

There’s a high chance that you have never thought of wearing a structured shirt with jogging bottoms, let alone some comfy pants that you’d normally wear as you lounge around the house. However, have you ever tried this out? If you do, you might be surprised and learn that it actually works pretty well together. If you pair the whole outfit with some cool shades and some sandals, the whole thing becomes super chic.

Breaking the rules can sometimes be fun, so why not go opposite for the day?