Pajamas: The Old Trend That’s Making a Quarantine Comeback

As the work from home reality sets in around the world, many people are finding themselves with little need to wear their “real” clothes. Most people are opting for their comfortable pajamas instead.

Pajamas: The Old Trend That’s Making a Quarantine Comeback

How about when you have to leave the house for a quick grocery run? Do you squeeze into those non-stretch jeans and lace-up boots that’ll take you just as much time to put on as the entire trip to the store?

Good news: there’s no need.

Pajamas Are Coming Back

Even those that have to get on video calls to work from home often sit in their pajamas, at least from their waist down. Now, there seems to be a happy medium for those who are looking for a full-glam look while still lounging around in their boyfriend’s T-shirt. That medium is glammed-up pajamas.

Just a few years ago, the trend started appearing in runways. You would see models dressed in striped, feather-trimmed, piped, and even velvet pajamas walking up and down the runway. It instantly became a top street-style hit.

Pajamas: The Old Trend That’s Making a Quarantine Comeback

It was not only appealing, but it also made sense for the busy working woman who is rushing to go to 10 shows per day and wanted to be chic yet comfortable.

Mastering the Fashion Trend

The key here is that style is what you make it. Pajamas are versatile, so you can style them how you like. With this trend, you can choose from silk two-piece pant sets, slip dresses, tank tops, and more. Mix and match different styles, pair with “regular” clothes, or dress up a set with some heels and your favorite purse.

If you are staying home but want to feel good about the way you look, dress up in your pajamas. You can be fashionable from your own home and still be productive. In fact, it’s been proven that those who dress up are more likely to do better work.