Now Is the Perfect Time to Experiment With Eyeshadow Shades

Does anyone else have an obsession with buying pretty eyeshadow palettes? Well, you’re not alone. There’s something so enticing about a new palette that comes with all kinds of colors, sparkles, and shades, but there’s a high chance that during your day-to-day life, you use the same colors because you know you can rock them. So, what about the other colors that go untouched because you’re a little scared that they won’t suit you? Now is the perfect time to experiment and try them out once and for all.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Experiment With Eyeshadow Shades

Pretty in Pink

There are some people on this planet who love pink, and there are other people on this planet who can’t stand this color. Although it’s a color of controversy, it seems as though it’s one of the coolest eyeshadow trends of 2020. The bolder, the better is the rule when it comes to this color, and you don’t have to feel afraid about going overboard. Just go with the flow, girl.

Gorgeous in Green

If your eyeshadow palette comes with a green shade as part of the collection, then you’ve probably steered clear of it for months. Who wants to put green on their eyes, right? Well, we want you to give it a go. Green eyeshadow is perfect for those who have brown eyes, as it really makes that natural color pop. It looks awesome. We promise.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Experiment With Eyeshadow Shades

Tantalizing in Turquoise

Turquoise may not be a color that you like to play around with very often, but we’re here to tell you that it could be one of the coolest colors in your palette. This color is fresh, it’s quirky, and it’s enough to give your eyes the pop you might want without being totally overpowering. You don’t see many people with turquoise eyeshadow, so why don’t you start that trend?

Got no plans today? Well, it might be time to experiment with your eyeshadow.