How To Pick The Right Swimwear For Any Body

Although it’s not quite there just yet, you can just about see the little peek-a-boo of the sun coming out from the clouds. Yes, summer is just around the corner, and this means that it’s time to ditch your winter closet and instead opt for your denim shorts, floaty dresses, and gladiator sandals. If you’re planning on going on vacation this summer, or just want to make use of the sun for your tan lines, you’re going to want some swimwear. Yet, how do you pick the right swimwear for your body type?

How To Pick The Right Swimwear For Any Body

Body Type: Pear

If you have a little more junk in the trunk, you can rest easy knowing that you can utilize certain swimsuits to even out your curves. It’s best to avoid full swimsuits entirely as they will draw attention to your larger hips, but two-pieces will definitely become your best friends. High waisted bottoms will hide a multitude of sins, and push-up bikini tops will help you achieve a fuller look on top to help you look as symmetrical as possible.

Body Type: Hourglass

The hourglass figure is perhaps one of the most desired shapes in terms of the female form, and this is largely because almost everything suits them. With curves on the top, the bottom, and a well-defined waist, most swimsuits will look good on someone with an hourglass figure. However, if you want to really amp up the volume, then bold prints and bright colors will draw attention to these curves even more.

Body Type: Oval

The oval body shape normally has a large bust, with small hips but a larger waist. Because of this, you’ll want to help cinch in your waist to create a more defined and proportionate hip-to-waist ratio. One of the best ways to do this is too old for a swimsuit that offers a belt or some kind of detailing to create the illusion that you are being sucked in.

How To Pick The Right Swimwear For Any Body

Body Type: Straight

If you have a straight body type, you probably want to add a few curves into the mix. You’ll be happy to know that this is easily done – if you know how! It’s best to find swimsuits that have certain accents that create shape, such as ruffled straps or cut-outs. By doing this, the swimsuit will create new lines and shape that will create the illusion of curves.

So, which swimwear suits you?