Why Preppy Fashion Is Making A Comeback In 2019

The fashion world is constantly chopping and changing, and it seems as though we can’t go a day without a new trend making its mark. While many trends often look towards the future, it’s fair to say that fashion seems to be looking backward for some of its coolest clothes of the year. That’s certainly the case in 2019, as you’ll be happy to know that preppy fashion is now making a comeback.

Why Preppy Fashion Is Making A Comeback In 2019

All About That Prep

When you think of preppy fashion, there’s a high chance that you think of Hollywood movies and television shows where the main characters wear their letterman sweaters, they wear bow ties around their necks, and tweed skirts with long socks. Preppy is pretty awesome, right? Of course, while preppy was once the biggest fashion trend in the world, it was soon replaced by grunge, streetwear, and more urban pieces. Well, it’s time to welcome that prep back…

Being Remastered

2019 is all about remastering old styles, and there’s no doubt about the fact that preppy fashion is included in that list. While you might get a few strange looks if you turned up to work in a full Carlton Banks outfit, this new remastering of prep-wear makes it the perfect fashion addition to your life. With influences from hip-hop, punk, and streetwear, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to wear this stuff right now.

Why Preppy Fashion Is Making A Comeback In 2019

The Perfect Pieces

So, what does this new trend allow you to wear? Think tailored (but bright and colorful) tweed suits, smart shirts with contrasting patterns and colors, chino-type pants, baseball jerseys, and of course, baseball caps. Top all this off with some old-school sneakers, and you’re onto a winner.

Are you ready to embrace the new and improved preppy trend?