The Foolproof Rules To Looking Your Most Glamorous

It may seem that those who follow the most recent fashion trends are the more glamorous of us all. However, there is more to being glamorous than just wearing faux fur coats and sequined shoes. Rather, these are the perfect ways to pick up all the glamor.


Embrace Drama Black is always the new black, no matter what anyone tells you. However, while head-to-toe black has, of course, got a glamorous feel, dramatic, statement pieces are guaranteed to make heads turn. By not making it look too hard, statement pieces are sure to up the glam.

Less Is More Subtly still works for day-to-day looks, and the essential leather jacket, crisp white shirt, and tapered trousers are a definite win. This is definitely a grown-up glamor and wins every time.

The Importance Of Good Grooming While you may have your outfit on point, glamorous women know that there is no leaving the house if your nails are chipped or if your hair is that little too limp. Your whole look and feel could be completely changed after a good mani and blow dry.


The Power Of Statement Jewelry Stand out with a show-stopping ring, or earrings sure to catch the eye of any onlooker. Guaranteed to make a real impact, switch up the everyday delicate pieces for tassels, or a Gucci cocktail ring.

Knowing What To Invest In If you are truly glamorous, then you’ll know that spending that extra bit on designer goods is a real investment for your style. However, rather than ordering the latest designer pieces, glamorous ladies know it’s all about the classics such as the Chanel handbag which is, of course, a timeless classic.


They Tailor Everything It is all about the perfect hemline, so finding yourself a good tailor is key to ensure all your outfits fit perfectly head-to-toe, regardless of the item’s price.