Get The Most Out Of Your Sheet Mask With The Foreo UFO

Sheet masks may be all the rage in the world of skin care, but as simple as they may be, they may not be the best way for your skin to take advantage of all the healing ingredients packed into them. Part of the problem with sheet masks have to do with the temperature of the mask itself.

As much as we all love the cooling effect they have on our skin, which can be both soothing and relaxing, our skin doesn’t absorb the mask’s ingredients very well at that temperature. If you’ve ever gone for a professional facial, you may remember starting your treatment off with warm towels draped over your face.

That’s because the steam helps to open the pores, which will both aid in clearing them out, and absorbing all of the nutrients you want them to take from your mask.

Now, with the Foreo UFO, there will be no worry that you aren’t getting the most out of your sheet mask. The small tool is an electronic device that is pre-programed with several different treatment options. Once you have a UFO in hand, you’ll be able to see much more significant results from your mask usage.

The device comes programmed with several different treatment options that take advantage of varying patterns of thermotherapy, T Sonic pulsations, cryotherapy, and an LED light. All you have to do is set the Foreo UFO to a day mask or a night mask, and it’ll do all the rest of the work for you.

With the Foreo UFO, the device will help apply the sheet mask for you, which is even easier to apply than a regular mask. Moreover, the entire treatment takes only 90 seconds, which is a significant amount of difference compared to a mask’s usual treatment time of nearly 10 minutes. Unlike a regular sheet mask treatment, however, all of the product will be fully absorbed into your skin by the end of that minute and a half.