Sweater Dresses To Keep You Warm As The Weather Turns

This season is pretty awkward, right? You start the day off with a chunky knit jumper but you’re sweating by lunchtime, and you want to wear winter boots, but it’s not quite cold enough. Thankfully, sweater dresses are the perfect antidote when you’re feeling this autumnal stress. These are the coolest sweater dresses to keep you warm as the weather turns.

The Sleeveless Midi Dress

With difficult temperatures to deal with, opting for a sleeveless option in Fall is a great idea. After all, everyone loves layering. By wearing a sleeveless midi-dress, you can layer this up however you like. You can opt for a long T-shirt underneath, you could choose a short-sleeved option, or you could not wear anything underneath at all. Apart from underwear, of course.

The Oversized Look

We don’t think that oversized fashion will ever go out of style – and if it does, we’ll be pretty upset. While a form-fitting sweater dress can show off your figure and add a sense of style and sophistication to your outfit, there’s nothing quite like wearing an oversized sweater dress. Not only is it super comfortable, but it’s also a timeless staple that can be teamed up with any kind of footwear or jacket.

The Ribbed Dress

The shape and length of a sweater dress are completely up to you, but why don’t you add some ribbing into the mix? Sweater dresses are rarely patterned or colorful – especially in Fall when you want to embrace muted tones – which is why adding some texture into your outfit could be the detail that takes your outfit from blah to blah-mazing.

Sweater dresses are the ultimate Fall staple, but it turns out that there are so many incredible options to choose from. We think the only practical solution is to buy one of each. It’s the only way that you’ll be able to get through Fall.