The Tips To Take On Board When Tweezing Your Own Brows

When it comes to your overall look, it does not start and finish with your clothing. Sometimes, your whole look can be disturbed entirely when your beauty regime is not quite up-to-date, and that includes the maintenance of your brows. Maintaining your brows can be relatively tricky, and we often leave it to the professionals to get it right.


However, sometimes we are in need of plucking out a few of those pesky hairs that just do not need to be there. However, a pluck too many could completely change the shape, and totally change the way you look. A stylist from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, named Kathy Van Dyke gave her advice when it came to dealing with your brows.

“When you pluck your own eyebrows, you should just be cleaning up those little stray hairs,” she continued. “Don’t try to shape your eyebrows if you pluck them yourself—leave that to the professionals.”


While you may be feeling like you can handle the tweezer without going too overboard, know that it is not the be all and end all should you pluck a hair too many. “If your eyebrows get a little too thin in some spots, you can always use makeup and fillers to even them out,” she says. Van Dyke offers her advice further by stating she prefers the option of volume boosting-gel.

“It looks so much more natural, and it’s really easy to apply. Plus, powders end up smearing or coming off during the day, and pencils leave lines,” says the stylist. “Even my mom, who’s 81, can use a volumizing gel and have it look natural.”


For those who opt for waxing when it comes to reshaping their brows, Van Dyke says, “If you’re using a retinol cream or acne product, don’t use it for five days before you get your eyebrows waxed. Those products make the skin so sensitive that it will blister from the wax.”