All The Different Tucks You Need To Know

If you like to keep on top of your fashion game, you’ll know that it’s a wild and ever-changing business. One minute animal print is in, and the next minute you should probably throw it out of your window or light it on fire. Things get even more complicated when you add tucks into the mix. Tucks can transform your shirts and blouses, and they are the perfect way to show off a little personality and your style. But which tuck should you choose?

All The Different Tucks You Need To Know

The French Tuck

If you’re contemplating the French tuck, then you just need to ask yourself one question. What would Tan France do? This Queer Eye legend has revolutionized the French tuck over the years, and it seems as though more and more people are embracing this tuck. So, what does it involve? To master the art of this tuck, simply tuck a small front section of your top into your waistband. Then, allow the rest of it to drape around you.

The Full Tuck

This type of tuck doesn’t need a huge amount of explanation. That’s because the name kinda gives it away. Simply tuck all of your shirt, T-shirt, or blouse into the waistband of your pants, and keep it tucked in all day. This is a great way to accentuate your waist.

All The Different Tucks You Need To Know

The Knot Tuck

If you want to add more shape to your top, then the knot tuck has got your back. This involves tying your shirt into a knot either in the middle or to the side of your body. This creates the illusion that you have tucked it in, but actually it;’s just been knotted. It’s super fashionable, y’all.

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