4 Styles To Stay Warm And Fashionable In A Sweater This Winter

Fall is here, with all of its beautiful colors…which means it’s time for us to pack on all of those beautiful layers. That’s right – sweater weather is upon us! But not all sweaters are created equal. Everyone knows that staying warm and cute is a delicate balance. So these sweater styles are sure to have your back (and front) this winter


In the fashion world, anything with a French name is automatically cool, right? the word “mélange” actually means “mixed,” and is used to describe many different things. One example is spices, but a more important example is fashion. Mélange has been coined to describe sweaters with mixed stitching, usually knitting two or more colors. Go oversized and multicolored to really work it at its best.

4 Styles To Stay Warm And Fashionable In A Sweater This Winter


Native to the Shetland islands, this knitting technique is also used to weave multiple colors into patterns – but the outcome is a bit more distinct. Though its small-town look is notoriously found around Northern Europe, its uniqueness always deserves a place in someone’s wardrobe with the right fit and soft colors.


The bigger, the better: that seemed to be the sleeve motto on the runways of this year’s fashion weeks. Giant sleeves are a great way to stand out without donning a bold pattern that doesn’t match anything. Best paired with slim pants or a miniskirt.

4 Styles To Stay Warm And Fashionable In A Sweater This Winter


Every generation has found a way to embrace Argyle, though maybe none more than the Clueless worshippers of the 90’s (and hey, we’re still here!) Though their origins are from the countryside clans of Scotland, they’re more often stereotyped on librarians and grandmothers. But these days, the diamond pattern is getting bigger, the colors are getting hipper, and the shapes are being made to fit every figure and outfit.

So bundle up, because as everyone knows…winter is coming.