Some People Are Choosing to Wear Makeup in Quarantine for This Reason

Many people have gotten used to putting on makeup as part of their daily routine. However, you may find it interesting to know that many are keeping up this little ritual even during these times, where staying home is highly recommended. Although it may seem strange at first, there are many valid reasons why keeping up with such small routines can be beneficial and even empowering.

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Why Some People Are Choosing to Wear Makeup in Quarantine

Wearing Makeup Is a Great Self-Esteem Boost

As social creatures, humans are used to having daily obligations, meeting friends, and filling their days with various activities. Being stuck indoors for a prolonged period of time looking at an empty social schedule all of a sudden can be devastating and difficult to bear. Many people have found that getting up every day and putting on their makeup like they would before going to work or to see their friends helps them feel better and infuses them with more positivity and energy. If putting on some eyeshadow, a lovely shade of lipstick, and some mascara helps someone feel more in control and have a more positive outlook during difficult times, it’s definitely a routine worth maintaining even if the only trip planned for the day is to the living room.

Woman Putting Makeup On
Why Some People Are Choosing to Wear Makeup in Quarantine

The Benefits Are Backed by Science

For many people, putting on makeup is more than an exercise in vanity, and studies have been done to prove this. A mental health counselor in New York City, Daryl Appleton, talks about a study done in 2007 called “The Lipstick Effect.” This study found that when people put on makeup, they tend to have higher self-esteem and felt like they had a better attitude because of it. This helps the body produce more testosterone and dopamine, leading to a feeling of higher confidence. A family physician from New York City, Sabina Rebis, MD, pointed out that the loss of routine that sends everything into flux can often lead to a loss of sense of self. By continuing to practice routines that make one feel good mentally, one can feel better physically and retain a positive outlook more easily.